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Tourism Sector

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction by Optimizing Your Operations with Solutions Specific to the Tourism Sector!

Digitalization In The Tourism Sector - Your Transformation Journey

We offer solutions in the fields of Demand Management, Failure and Maintenance Management, Quality Management, Food Safety and Hygiene Management, Process and Performance Management in your hotel. Our solutions provide high efficiency and increase in customer satisfaction in your facilities.

Demand, Failure, Maintenance and Asset Management in Hotels

BEAM Hotel collects requests from all parts of your business, guests and employees with its Demand, Failure, Maintenance and Asset Management solution, finds the owner of the solution according to the content of the incoming request, and enables you to manage the process digitally until the request is closed and the guest is satisfied.

Quality, Food and Hygiene Management

The management of quality documents is a difficult process to manage. In businesses that employ multi-location and seasonal staff, it becomes more difficult to create a corporate memory. Considering all these, processes need to be moved to digital platforms in order to manage your quality processes end-to-end. With our QDMS Integrated Management System solution, you can manage your Quality, Food and Hygiene Management processes digitally.

Managing Operational Processes

In groups with multiple employees or multiple businesses, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage processes such as signature and approval. Our eBA Workflow and Document Management System application; It eliminates who, why and how long waits for work progressing on paper forms, and enables all these processes to be managed from electronic and mobile environments. It offers solutions not only at the form level, but also for management of contracts, signing important documents such as invoices and official letters from platforms such as KEP and UETS with electronic signature and forwarding them to the relevant institution. By providing an integrated structure with banks for your needs such as expenses and payment orders, you can make these processes faster, easier to manage and reportable.

Performance Management

“Performance Management System” is indispensable for high customer satisfaction and maximum profitability. You can have the opportunity to make quick decisions, change the direction of investment and increase customer satisfaction by more easily monitoring targets and actuals. Our Ensemble Process and Performance Management System solution enables businesses to carry out and manage all these works digitally.

Your Journey in Tourism

Tourism sector; software, hardware, advertising, promotion, construction, etc. can recover up to half of their spending by using incentive programs. In order to obtain any type of certification, businesses must confirm that they carry out institutional studies on issues such as Corporate Performance, Human Resources Management, Operations Management, Brand Management and Performance.

We are here to help you to be included in Brand Support programs and facilitate the process of meeting industry standards with the solutions we offer.

Integrates with All Your Applications

Our software solutions work integrated with PMS, CRM, ERP systems used in businesses. It creates an easier management and reporting structure with mutual data integration.

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