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Managing Assets and Maintenance Digitally in the Manufacturing Industry

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. As of 2017, the company operates 27,339 locations worldwide.

Shaya is the operator of Starbucks in Turkey. Shaya is a multinational retail franchise operator that is headquartered in Kuwait, and operates more than 90 consumer retail brands across the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe.


Starbucks has many coffee shops throughout the country. When there is a need of periodic maintenance or breakdown, individual coffee shops report it to HQ via email. Upon receiving email HQ’s maintenance unit connects subcontractors via one of the following ways:

1- Writing an email to subcontractors

2-Calling subcontractors

  • Having no accurate information on status on maintenance process
  • Having excess number of email communications
  • Approving subcontractor documentations and audits are done via email



BEAM was implemented at Starbucks locations.
The BEAM system was configured based on Starbuck’s staff, products, vendors, locations, assets and failure-reasons data.

Monitoring status of all the assets at each coffee shop on a single screen

Assigning maintenance orders via BEAM to subcontractors

Mobile Apps are used by subcontractors

Starting to get reports

Time to Implement



Established new and more efficient communication channels between HQ and subcontractors via BEAM and reduced most, if not, all of the purely email based, unstructured communications


Increased effectiveness of maintenance management at HQ and sub contracts


Maintenance costs were reduced by 30%