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Master Data Management

What is Master Data Management?

We can define master data management as the art of revealing and managing quality data with a centralized data model structure, single, up-to-date and consistent information that is used in operational systems and processes, that different units agree on. In other words, we call master data management the whole of the processes that centrally control and service the critical master data produced by different operational systems and in different databases and applications.

It is very important to systematically manage the most valuable information assets of the institution. Today, many corporate data are on different applications and systems, and the problems experienced in bringing this data together, as well as the problems that arise in managing the changes to be made on the data, bring up the application of master data management.

With the eBA Master Data Management solution, we eliminate your data quality problems and increase your operational efficiency.

Customer, product, supplier, employee, agency, parts, stock, spare parts, service, contract, agreement and account information, which form the basis of a company or an organization, are used by various operational systems. By using our Master Data Management solution, you can ensure that this scattered data is unique, up-to-date and consistent, can filter critical information, validate data quality, establish relationships between data and secure your data. Manage your data in accordance with your corporate data model.

Categorizing Master Data

In general, we can categorize master data management as more than one main group.

  • Answerer Information (Customer, Agent, Employee, Supplier etc.)
  • Material Information (Product, Parts, Stock, Spare Parts, Service, Service etc.)
  • Current Account Information (Contract, Account, etc.)
  • Sales or Production Sites Information (Region, Location, Address, etc.)

Benefits of Master Data Management

It contains all of the information necessary for the basic properties of master data information- the operation of systems and the use of processes. Master data consists of single data points as well as up-to-date and holistic data. Since these data contain the data of more than one unit, they form common data fields.

In the light of this information, we can say that the benefit of master data management is to regularly provide access, sharing and security information by passing common and individual information used in different systems of institutions through certain rules and workflows.

In many companies, this data is kept in different systems in a dispersed manner, and changes in this data cannot be followed from a single point. The integrity between the systems also deteriorates with it. For this reason, with Bimser’s master data management solution, master data management is carried out from a single point; You can ensure the deduplication of the data, the integrity of the data, the security of the data and the tracking of the data change history.

With our Master Data Management Solution

We facilitate;
  • Central database,
  • Quality data integrity,
  • Deduplicated master data,
  • Data security,
  • Central master data management,
  • Change management and data versioning,
  • Integration with service architecture and other systems within the organization,
  • Managing risk and compliance processes,
  • Software processes

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