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Logistics Sector

We offer integrated solutions to industry companies targeting smart logistics and distribution with its high technology solutions.

With the necessity of end-to-end integration of supply chain management, Digital Transformation has gained even more importance in the Logistics and Distribution sector. Sector companies that want to realize the concept of smart logistics have aimed to create instant proactive solutions to problems with continuous data transmission, end-to-end integration and analysis capabilities.

Fleet Management

It is the solution where companies can track all their assets or rental fixtures and manage their sub-processes.

  1. Fleet Asset Management
  2. 1. Purchase
    2. Sale
    3. Inconsumable / Scrap / Withdrawal / Temporary export / Circulating Asset Management
  3. Document Management
  4. 1.Periodical documents (license inspection, c2, UL etc.)
    2.Insurance management process
       •   Insurance document record (start, end, guarantee etc.) (controlled document archive)
       •   Insurance claims management process (workflow management) (controlled document archive)
  5. Vehicle Zone Rotation
  6. Vehicle Deposit Management
  7. Driver Management
  8. Vehicle Dressing Process
  9. Calculation of Rent Progress
  10. Vehicle Tracking System Process Management
  11. Fuel Stock Warehouse Management
  12. Traffic Penalty Management
  13. Supplier Management

Human Resources Management

In the Logistics and Distribution sector, where personnel productivity and customer satisfaction are very important, our HR Management solutions enable you to manage human resources quickly and effectively, while maximizing your employee loyalty. Career management, recruitment, dismissal, embezzlement, shift, payroll, overtime, payroll and personnel files management solutions provide easy, fast and flexible management.

Fleet/Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Management System

  1. Service (Workshop) Management
  2.    •   Work Order Management
       •   Measuring Master (Adept) Efficiency
       •   Service Capacity Management
       •   Measuring Repetition
       •   Graphical Entity Tree
  3. Stock Warehouse Management
  4. Purchasing Management
  5. Insurance Management
  6. External Supplier Management
  7. Tire Management Process
  8. Battery Management Process Periodic Maintenance Process
  9. Breakdown Maintenance, Periodic Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Critical Stock Level and Virtual Warehouse Management
  10. RPA and IOT Solutions
  11. Dashboard
  12. Mobile Applications

Workflow Automation

With its smart development platform that enables the creation, monitoring and conclusion of business processes, it helps to manage business processes faster and more efficiently. Thus, all workflows and approval mechanisms, from planning to sales, are transferred to the digital environment, resulting in time and cost savings.

Document and Content Management

A paperless office is targeted with the management of all internal and external electronic and printed document processes, digital archive management, incoming and outgoing document management, contract management, archive management, cap integrations, mobile signature and electronic signature infrastructure solutions. The desired document or information can be accessed in a very short time by searching in it and searching from master data information.

Intelligent Process Management (IBPM)

With the intelligent process management (IBPM), where all land, sea, air, rail, inbound – outbound cargo and distribution process maps are created and the risks, opportunities and resources are blended in the process, you can identify the areas of digital transformation discomfort that you need to intervene within the institution. You can identify places, intervene in the right place at the right time, and achieve business excellence without spending unnecessary resources and time.

You can instantly monitor the efficiency of your processes over real data by obtaining and writing data from all automation systems that provide input and output to your processes.

Process Performance Management, KPI, KRI Tracking

It is a decision support and reporting mechanism that supports the balanced scored card infrastructure, where you can check whether the entire resource works correctly in line with the given targets after the processes are modeled, and where you can intervene quickly by getting detailed reports.

ITIL compliant ITSM Application, Agile IT Project Management, IT Budget Management, IT License Management

Although digital transformation is a total corporate structure, the IT department is at the center of this business. It is a ready-made solution for IT departments serving internal customers to provide uninterrupted service, measure this service, plan and manage the available resource.

Vehicle/Fleet Rental Management

CRM management; Vehicle/Fleet Leasing, External Supplier and Customer Contract Management, Debit Management, Progress Payment Management is a fully integrated system that can generate monthly and period-based automatic reports that work integrated with internal accounting systems and invoice systems.

Spare Parts and Warehouse Management

It is an end-to-end solution that can track all stocked/non-stocked spare parts used in the business, transfer and reservation operations between warehouses, and trigger automatic purchasing with critical stock control.

Integrated Quality Management

Integrated Quality Management provides integrated management of ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 10002, 27001, 50001 business processes applied in an enterprise. It manages and reports issues such as field audit, CRM, customer complaint management integrated with the call center, corrective and remedial action management, risk management, event notifications, integrated with all systems. It is also a system integrator within the scope of IBYS.

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