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Ensemble Process Management, Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard

Ensemble: Intelligent Business Process Modeling, Performance Management and Balanced Score Card Management Software

Ensemble is an intelligent business process modeling and performance management software.

With 300+ corporate clients, Ensemble applies a proven modular approach to help you manage your corporate business models and performance management operations.

Optimize any performance related to your company, department, division or team performance management.

Intelligent business process modelling module

Balanced ScoreCard management module

Performance management module

Clarify duties and responsibilities

Create duty definitions based on activities and processes, so that all employees know which duties are assigned to them in the processes. Thus clarify duties and responsibilities. Easily access, within a few clicks, to who does what job at which stage of the process

Increase your performance

Performance Measurement and Monitoring System is developed to define Corporate performance indicators and to monitor and report at levels such as departments, regions, product groups, processes, etc


Ensemble has the latest technology and it can integrate with many different modern software systems

Take your business to the next level ENSEMBLE’s built-in asset and Performance management tools.

FEATURES of Ensemble

Web-based with the latest technology; access Ensemble from Anywhere!



​Security features

Ready-Made reports

Native mobile APP



Easy-To Use, User-Friendly interface

Notification, reminders and escalations for continuous business improvement

On-Premise friendly

Cloud friendly

Smooth integration with any modern ERP

Permission-Based with digital audit-trails

Modular structure for complete customer satisfaction

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