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Document Management System

What is Document Management System (DMS)?

We call the Document Management System the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and monitor all kinds of documents, information and visual materials produced by institutions throughout their existence. Document and content capture includes the processes necessary to track, store and control documents and documents. Here are some of its features:

  • With check-in/check-out feature, you can coordinate multiple people editing the document at the same time and prevent someone else from overwriting it.
  • With version control, you can see how a document becomes available and see its differences.
  • Thanks to the audit trail, you can keep track of who used and accessed the document during its lifetime.
  • You can use the foldering system to store, archive and manage documents.

Regardless of size or whatever industry, the main goals of all institutions are to facilitate business processes and increase efficiency. Our eBA document management and record management softwares provides access to the right document within seconds from millions of documents, automates the tedious and time-consuming manual processes such as filing and approval, and ensures that documents and information created from these processes are produced or processed electronically. Even when you are away from your desk at work, you can access these documents and processes from your mobile devices. You can ensure that all your corporate documents are stored and backed up in a central location for extraordinary situations.

According to a study by PwC, we find that employees in the environment spend 40% of their time managing documents that are not so important. IDC estimates that employees spend 20% of their time in the environment searching for information in printed documents, and 50% of these employees are unable to find the documents they need.

With our Document Management System solution, you can increase customer satisfaction by immediately responding to requests from internal and external customers, auditors and suppliers. You can also speed up and control document distribution and copying. At the same time, you can prevent document loss. With this solution, your employees can focus on what they do best, instead of wasting their time on these tasks.

Using our document management system software, you can create faster and more effective solutions in document-based processes such as invoice management, contract management, and employment. Prevent documents from managing you!

By simultaneously informing your processes or employees affected by the changes in the documents, you can ensure that your processes work according to the new order and that your employees reach the final version of these documents.

First of all, the process needs to start with the selection of the right software. There are national and international standards on how to manage documents and records. Today, document management systems have ceased to be software that works on their own and have started to serve as a content service provider for all LOB (line of business) applications (ERP, CRM, HR, etc.). In this context, the selected software has TS 13298, ISO 15489, CMIS etc. software that supports national and international standards.

In these systems where millions of documents and information are stored, it is necessary to establish the right systematics, not only to store the documents, but also to ensure their access at the right time, and when necessary, these documents should be destroyed, archived or re-evaluated in a timely manner. You can manage this whole process with the Document Management System software, which can be configured according to the needs of the corporation that can do all these.

In today’s conditions, a software that can work in full compliance with country regulations and supports global standards gains even more importance. These standards are indispensable especially for companies that export and have commercial relations with international companies. It is also fully compatible with the services offered by global electronic signature providers (DocuSign, Verisign, etc.). You should do document management with a system that can work. In addition, it must be fully compatible with REM (Registered e-Mail), which is one of the most important technologies of today and has become indispensable for institutions.

With the document management system, you can store your documents in a suitable environment (database, file server, object storage, etc.) and we can ensure that it works in harmony with the compression and encryption algorithms determined by the institution.


We aim to offer our customers a product that complies with the latest technology and standards, by supporting local standards with local agility and flexibility, and by closely following global standards and developments. Unlike the fully document-oriented approach of document management systems, we also focus on the automation of corporate business processes with eBA. Since documents are the inputs or outputs of these business processes, we aim to use these documents in appropriate processes, at the right time and in the right place, beyond the storage of corporate documents with the powerful workflow engine it contains in eBA. In doing so, we are able to manage the entire lifecycle of a document, from the creation of a document to its versioning, reaching the right resources within the organization, and destroying it when the time comes. With the support of electronic signatures, we ensure that documents gain legal validity by gaining a document quality, and we ensure that the EYP and KEP(Registered E-Mail) messages it generates are sent to other institutions and organizations electronically.

Our software solution, which supports full-text search with technologies such as OCR and ICR, allows people to automatically find the relevant documents by searching the content as well as the meta information or tag information while accessing the documents. By associating documents with each other, eBA ensures that the person who reaches a document can quickly access the documents related to that document. In this way, it minimizes time loss and enables employees to use their time effectively. Thanks to technologies such as ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence) it uses, it enables the creation of document tags and quickly finding the searched documents, and the automatic creation of the document’s tag information while creating the document.

Today, one of the biggest problems of institutions is the electronicization and access of silos of physical documents, as well as managing the physical locations of these documents, which they are obliged to keep due to regulations. With the smart scanning features of eBA, these documents are digitized and tagged and transferred to the electronic environment, while keeping the physical location information, it is possible to quickly access both the digital and physical form of corporate documents. Moreover, when necessary configurations are made, it can be managed with robots that it has provided without human touch. Thanks to these smart robots, documents can be checked for accuracy by connecting to corporate applications, incorrect or unsuitable documents can be collected in a pool and forwarded to the relevant units.

With the TS 13298 certified Electronic Document Management System Module, you can produce documents in local standards and manage the lifecycles of documents. You can produce content in accordance with official correspondence procedures and principles, work in harmony with all electronic signature service providers and sign documents with the relevant service provider owned by the institution.

Our solution, which offers a strong integration infrastructure with SAP, one of the most used ERP systems today, can transfer all processes to the SAP system and serve as a content storage for the SAP system. Moreover, this capability has been certified by SAP and has been proven to work in full compliance with SAP.

With our Office Server integration, you can produce and manage Office documents on the system. In addition, thanks to its Office components, you can directly transfer the documents you create while working on the Microsoft Office interface to the document management system.

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