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Chemical Sector

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The Chemical Industry, which has the largest product range compared to other industries, largely produces raw materials and intermediate products for other industries and offers approximately 30% of its products directly to final consumers.

However, the Chemical Industry is a capital-technology-intensive and high-value-added industry as it requires a qualified workforce.


Being a player in the chemical industry brings with it the management of a wide range of products, increasing domestic and foreign competitors, periodic and global crises bring along profitability and sustainability concerns. In this environment, managing visible and invisible costs are some of the important issues that businesses have to solve, in order to both offer quality products and maintain profitability, as well as to survive.

With our BEAM Corporate Asset and Maintenance Management solution, you can manage the life cycles of all assets, equipment and machines belonging to businesses operating in the chemical industry. BEAM enables you to reduce your maintenance costs up to 30% by correctly managing the maintenance processes of your assets, the spare parts used in the maintenance process, the resources needed and the maintenance time. In addition, it will help you increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction by minimizing unplanned stops.

One of the most important elements of corporate asset management is to manage your purchasing process correctly. BEAM enables you to effectively manage your purchases and inventory by creating your corporate memory and to minimize your inventory costs.

Our most valuable resource is your staff. You can plan their time effectively and accurately with our BEAM solution.


Quality is one of the issues that the chemical industry cannot compromise on. Because they produce intermediate products, the cost of poor quality will affect both themselves and their customers who produce the end-user product materially and morally. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that quality management in the Chemical Industry is out of the initiative of the quality department and perceived as the general culture of my institution. The only way to achieve this is to make the right integrated management system work in-house.
In addition, chemical production facilities are under serious liability due to the responsibility of complying with the legislations such as the European Union, BEKRA and SEVESO. When Management Systems Standards are added to the process, it becomes inevitable for the Chemical Industry to enter a serious transformation process. Helping to manage many topics in an integrated manner in the process of quality management and legislation compliance, bringing together the titles of Process Management, Risk Management, Quality Management and Performance Management as "QDMS Integrated Management System" and "Ensemble Process and Performance Management System" solutions meet all the needs of the chemical industry in these areas.


Many companies are under the misconception that the investment in ERP Systems is sufficient to manage all processes. However, there are many processes other than ERP that proceed with approvals. From human resources to purchasing, from R&D to production, even to Logistics..

Now, it’s time to introduce you to our “eBA Workflow and Document Management System” solution that will help you move all the workflows of your departments to the virtual environment…

By integrating your business processes, which start with simple forms and become more complex and changing as you grow, with ERP systems, it will help you to use it from within the company, from home or regardless of location.

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