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Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

We can define business process automation (BPA) as an organizational transformation that aims to increase efficiency, ensure transparency and facilitate compliance with repeatable transactions. Organizations need automation to save a physical document they create and eliminate the need to route them from one physical place to another for business processes or approvals.

Using our Workflow Management System solution, you can quickly automate all your organizational business processes in electronic environment, integrate these processes with existing operational systems, thus minimizing human error. While reducing your process costs, you can eliminate unnecessary waiting or loss of time in processes. The opportunity cost created by the time obtained here can reach millions of dollars for some processes.

When using the workflow management system solution, by enabling your processes to be tracked on a role-based basis, you can support the emergence of corporate role definitions and ensure that processes become independent from individuals. Unlike the traditional operation, we ensure that all workflows are handled with a process-oriented approach and the organization is made to serve the whole.

We know that the most important inputs/outputs of corporate business processes are actually corporate documents produced within the system. The main success factor needed here is that we can use these documents by integrating them with organizational processes. With the powerful integration capabilities we offer with our Corporate Document Management Systems solution, you can access these documents from within the relevant processes when the organization needs them.

Today, people produce most documents electronically rather than using printed paper. Managing the life cycles of these documents and information produced electronically has become one of our biggest problems. With the rapidly developing technology, the validity of these documents and information changes very quickly and therefore their accuracy can be questioned. Since our Workflow Management System solution also has these capabilities, it helps you both to create these documents and to manage their life cycles.

One of the most important tools for producing documents is electronic signature support. Electronic signatures should be generated using qualified electronic signature service providers recognized by the region one is operating out of. Our eBA Workflow Management System is able to work together with most providers. In this way, you will be able to produce documents with legal validity completely electronically. With our Business Process Automation software, you can also manage and monitor document production electronically. In addition, this electronic signature infrastructure works on all platform-independent systems.

Today’s working conditions bring heavy travel and mobile work habits. Using our workflow automation application, the documents created with the electronic signature can also be created from mobile devices with mobile signatures, allowing you to follow your work outside the office as well with minimal effort.

Concepts such as robots and artificial intelligence have started to become topics that we are all used to hearing. While creating the corporate memory, we may sometimes be faced with the fact that the data in the system is a meaningless pile. In order to make these data meaningful and to be analyzed, functions such as OCR / ICR are used to read the data by the computer and convert it into a meaningful data body, and then artificial intelligence etc. It should play a supporting role in business processes by being used in applications and processes.

With the increase in data production in the electronic environment, the need for inter-institutional communication is also increasing. In the traditional method, while an institution produces this data electronically, it takes a printout and sends it to other institutions via physical transporters such couriers, cargo, etc.

Thanks to the Registered Electronic Mail (REM), this communication is carried out completely in an electronic environment. With our Business Process Automation software, you can increase your process efficiency, reduce your organizational costs and reduce error rates significantly by including the information coming through the REM system into the processes or by ensuring that this information generated by the system is transmitted through the same channel.

Using the eBA platform, you can automate these processes by integrating with all REM providers.

Concepts such as digital archive, electronic archive or e-archive have become a part of our lives with the increase in data production in electronic environment. We need to contribute to the future of the organization by transforming existing physical data into digital. By making this information meaningful with the eBA Digital Archive infrastructure, it paves the way for them to be an important tool for the decision mechanisms in the business processes of the organization. 

The past is the mirror of the future!

The data and experiences that the organization has created in the past play an important role in making future decisions. One of the important issues with the establishment of the electronic archive system is the question of who will access this past and how. With the eBA Electronic Archive System, you can ensure that only authorized people can access this data during designated times.

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