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Business In the Digital Age.

It allows you to manage all your inventory and maintenance processes related to your assets on a single platform, to configure the information collected from your assets as measurable and reportable, and to get the first day's performance.

Drive continuous improvement. Maximize uptime and return on your assets.

BEAM is an asset, maintenance, facility, fleet, drone and energy management software. ​

With 30 Million+ assets being managed on it by clients, BEAM offers a modular approach to help you manage your asset and maintenance management operations with utmost effectiveness and a plug and play capability. ​

Assets may be your machinery, equipment, device, fleet of trucks/cars, buildings, electrical vehicles, commercial drones, armory, facilities and many more.

Industry 4.0-managed businesses with Asset Management are agile, integrated and innovative. All the requirements of the new generation are integrated with BEAM (Enterprise Asset Management) on a single platform; You can manage all solutions integrated with each other to help you be more flexible, profitable and sustainable.

Asset management module

Maintenance management module

Spare-part inventory management module

Personnel/Resource management module

Service after sales management module

Energy management module

Purchasing management module

Dashboard module

WorkFlow management module

Asset audit management module

Native mobile APP

Available on iOS and Android

BEAM available on IOS and Android market place with Native Mobile app.

Business Management

Issue work order requests for incidental and protective work. Track completion and recording of maintenance activities in an effective way.

Service Management

Create service contracts, follow the scope and costs of the services received, track procedures for reporting to the next level.

Contract Management

Make a comprehensive followup for contracts for Procurement, asset leasing, warranty, labor and travel fees.

Inventory Management

Be up to date on the use of information for spare parts of assets Manage your inventory in a smart way thanks to BEAM.

Take your business to the next level BEAM’s built-in asset and maintance management tools.


Web-Based with the latest technology; access BEAM from anywhere!



​Security features

Ready-Made reports

Native mobile APP



Easy-To Use, User-Friendly interface

Notification, reminders and escalations for continuous business improvement

On-Premise friendly

Cloud friendly

Integrations with ERP, RFID, GPRS, MES systems and Smart sensors

Permission-Based with digital audit-trails

Modular structure for complete customer satisfaction

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